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I’m Tuna. I was born in 2002. Recently, I got a Printrbot Simple Metal and I got started with 3D printing. I am interested in designing and I am experienced in Autodesk Fusion 360 and I know a little about openSCAD although I am learning more about it as time goes. I also happen to […]

Giving My Homebuilt Prusa to a Village School

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While at the Bursa AstroFest (which I wrote a post here) I had the chance to meet two teachers who had come from a tiny village school from the small city of Kahramanmaraş. In Turkey, as I usually mention in my posts, 3D printing and most other modern technologies are still really uncommon. But this […]

Uludağ Astro Fest 2017

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On the weekend of 28th of June, there was an Astro Fest organised by the Bursa Science and Technology Centre in which participants from all over Turkey came to see all sorts of different space related activities. I also was one of the participants there and I showed the technology of 3D printing which is […]

Open RC F1 Build

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-work in progress- Ever since i started using Thingiverse, I have been a fan of Daniel Noree‘s Open RC project. Recently, having gone into summer break, I decided to make one of my own. Here is a step by step article of how I am doing it: Step 1: Printing the Pieces This one might […]

Newton Disk Fidget Spinner

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Lately I made a phenakistoscope fidget spinner that displayed the image of a running man. Obviously when I made it I also started to think about other things I could do with this fidget spinner. The last topic we had learned in physics was light rays and dispersion. Dispersion is the simple principal that states […]

Phenakistoscope Fidget Spinner

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I have been messing around with these fidget spinners for a while now as I have made several design despite not uploading them anywhere, partly because there were a lot of them anyways and I hadn’t made anything spectacularly different. However every time I made one I thought of how I could make my spinners […]

Maker Club Update

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Right now it is towards the end of our school year and we have made quite a lot of progress in our Maker Club. We now have a solid maker space, a working printer, lots of electronics including Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino’s and many more bits and pieces. However as I mentioned before we didn’t have […]

Ankara Maker Faire

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On the 28th of February, it was the first official Maker Faire held in Ankara. It was a really small organisation when compared to the one I went to in Bay Area last year, but the Maker Faire here attracted much more attention then I had expected. Even tough the ‘Maker Movement’ is almost unknown […]

BLIS Maker Club

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Last year me and my dad built a Prusa i3 together and later on donated it to my school. I wanted to create a Maker Club in school that could be accessible by all and would be used and enjoyed. Unfortunately, this didn’t work out very well last year. This year tough, with the help […]

Variation Art Project

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Since school started I have been quite busy but one of my art projects I did in IGCSE turned out to be pretty good. We were told to take various pictures of an object and then to make a variation of drawings of these pictures we took. Since I knew most people would be doing […]