Lover Heart

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The Lover Heart was my first project/design that I published on Thingiverse. I created it for the S.T.E.A.M challenge on Thingiverse, Light it Up. The Lover Heart is a wearable accessory that starts lighting when 2 of them are next to each other. Thanks to its versatile stitching holes, you and your lover can use […]

Rim Art Project

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In our art class at school, we got to choose what we were doing in the final project. So I decided to make a project that would combine my 2 favorite things, being cars and arts. So I set off to finding an idea that would fuse these together. After thinking about it for a […]

Young Writers Club 2016

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This year, in accompany of our teacher, me and a bunch of my friends came together to write a book.┬áThis journey started 4 years ago with our Turkish teacher originally wanting to help sick kids by writing a book with her students and then donating the income from the books. Ever since, every year, 7th […]

Fillet Gauge

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I like to watch videos about designing tips, and while I was watching Noe Ruiz from Adafruit trying to design a case for the Apple TV remote, he couldn’t measure the radius on the edge. And I’ve had this issue as well when designing stuff with a curve. Then I thought: how can I solve […]


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I’m Tuna. I was born in 2002. Recently, I got a Printrbot Simple Metal and I got started with 3D printing. I am interested in designing and I am experienced in Autodesk Fusion 360 and I know a little about openSCAD although I am learning more about it as time goes. I also happen to […]