Fillet Gauge

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I like to watch videos about designing tips, and while I was watching Noe Ruiz from Adafruit trying to design a case for the Apple TV remote, he couldn’t measure the radius on the edge. And I’ve had this issue as well when designing stuff with a curve. Then I thought: how can I solve that? Well I have a printer, and a computer, so why not make something on my own. I tried to do something simple, both to design and print. With this, you can measure most curves on objects, like a phone’s corner for example. I think this will be quite useful for people that are trying to design something that is to fit an object. So I designed the Fillet Gauge. It is a simple ruler with fillets on it ranging from 1 to 12 mm. Its also very easy to use. And, at the time in Thingiverse there was a challenge for “bringing 3D printing  into the classroom” (MakerEd Challenge) and I entered it with the fillet gauge.