#MFBA16 Sum Up

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The Maker Faire Bay Area was probably my best maker experience so far. And being my first Maker Faire it felt absolutely amazing. Everything about it was a memory I will never forget. So this is my summary of Maker Faire Bay Area 2016. To start it off, I reached an audience of 100 people […]

1 Day to #MFBA16: Preparations

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I started to make my preparations in my booth. I decorated my table and got my fillet gauges ready. I also had time to meet with other makers, such as Brook Drumm, CEO of Printrbot (really nice guy). It was really fun trying to take an old desk and making into something that I can […]

2 Days to #MFBA16: Alcatraz

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2 Days before Maker Faire starts, we went to the old prison Alcatraz. It was a really interesting place and I really liked it. We spent most of our time there that day but I think it was worth it. If you happen to visit San Francisco you should most definitely check it out.

3 Days to #MFBA16: San Francisco

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On Tuesday, we went to San Francisco and had a walk in the port. The piers and just the city itself was amazing. There we went to Fisherman’s Wharf and we just cruised around San Francisco with the car. We also drove on Lombard Street.

5 Days to #MFBA16: On the plane

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Right now I am on my way to San Francisco for the Maker Faire and I have a long journey of 12 hours on the plane. While in America I will do a daily blog including places I go to and the Maker Faire itself. Unfortunately since I have an entrance exam after I return […]

Fillet Gauges are here!

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Good news: I got the fillet gauges… 300 of them in fact 🙂 Bad news: 9 days until MFBA16 and my Printrbot broke 🙁 Right now I am trying to get the Prusa i3 together with my dad before we repair the Printrbot. I quickly need to print more fillet gauges because my flights in […]

Display Frame & Stand

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My preparations for MFBA16 are continuing and one of them is my new design “Display Frame and Stand”. Basically what it is a frame where you can display what ever you want, such as your social media account and a qr code, or a message that you want to tell someone. The design is based […]

Wireless LED Christmas Tree and Makey

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When I first made the apple watch charging dock I had the idea of making the apple logo on it light up by using the charger itself, but it was too complex. So I made a Christmas Tree and a Makey that has an LED inside powered by the Apple Watch’s wireless charger. I designed […]