4 Days to #MFBA16: Monterey & Cupertino

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I did not have time to write a daily blog because I got extremely tired to the end of the days thanks to jet lag, so I am writing it now.

On Monday, after we landed in America, we first went to rent a car. We actually rented a Fiesta but to my luck, there was a little change. We got a 3.7 liter 2016 Mustang and being a car lover, that basically made my day:)
After checking in to the hotel and settling about, we went to Monterey. We had a little walk and we ate shrimps and calamari for lunch. On the way back we went to the 17 mile drive and we passed Cupertino. In Cupertino, on almost every building you looked was an Apple sign. We also passed from the Silicon Valley.