Ankara Maker Conferance

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Last week I attended the Ankara Maker Conference which I was kindly invited by Tepav and Geleckhane. It was a meeting focused on the situation of the Maker of Movement in Turkey, more specifically Ankara, and how it can be spread across the city. As one of the participants and the only kid there, I contributed to the discussion and as a general idea was formed as to how the Maker movement can be made widespread. Hopefully as a result of this, more people take action to promote the Maker Movement and with a wide variety of participants including ones from ministries and chambers, who have the ability to bring this to the masses, the spread of this movement can be much faster. I also think that more maker spaces, meetings and fairs will originate, contributing to the aim of the conference. And as something personal I want to add, as my first ever ‘way too legit’ and formal meeting with lots of other professionals, it was a brilliant experience.