Giving My Homebuilt Prusa to a Village School

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While at the Bursa AstroFest (which I wrote a post here) I had the chance to meet two teachers who had come from a tiny village school from the small city of Kahramanmaraş. In Turkey, as I usually mention in my posts, 3D printing and most other modern technologies are still really uncommon. But this doesn’t stop people from coming up with creative projects.
So on this topic, these two teachers had come to the fest to get inspiration for teaching their children with hands-on activities. When they were going around the booths, they stopped by mine to learn about 3D printers in general. We started to chat and than they told me about how they funded money to organise a science fair in their tiny school. After seeing what they accomplished with no resources, I decided that giving my Prusa i3 to them would be a very nice thing to do. I already knew that they would be making absolutely awesome things in their school. And knowing that the children would be even happier made me want give it even more. So on the last day of the fair, we met up and I gave the printer to them. For now one teachers has it and when the new semester starts he is going to take it to the school. He said that they would ask the mayor to give them money for building a maker space in there school as well. On top of this they invited me to see their school and meet the kids. So I am really excited to see their school. And on the topic of my Prusa, I already wanted to build another one so I think that is what I am going to do, maybe even attempt designing one from scratch. Who knows?