I am on the news!

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In Maker Faire Bay Area 2016, while I was talking with someone they asked me where I am from and just as I said ‘Turkey’ there were two people walking past my booth and they turned out to be Turkish. One of them was from the biggest newspaper in Turkey and after a short talk about the Fillet Gauge and my picture taken, I was told they would feature me in the news. Since I could not get the newspaper in America, I told my relatives to check for it. On the last day of Maker Faire I woke up with the picture of myself in the newspaper sent to me. I was really happy and now I have quite a bit of that same newspaper. The link to the news is here.

Translation of the news (the part about me):

– “The Maker Movement is one of the driving forces in technology. People who close in their rooms and garages develop prototypes to serve a purpose. In a Maker Faire we visited in USA, we came across Tuna Tümer and his fillet gauge that he developed”

– “The only Turk that contributed to the Maker Faire was Tuna Tümer who came from Ankara with his father. Tümer, who is 14, took place in the faire with his brand ‘TNA Designs’. The young Turk’s idea is more intended for designers. Tümer, who created a gauge for measuring fillets on the edges of physical objects used a steel plate. This gauge has 15 fillets which make it very useful. “I developed my first Fillet Gauge design with the 3D printer I own. I am selling each for 5 dollars” said Tümer.