Variation Art Project

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Since school started I have been quite busy but one of my art projects I did in IGCSE turned out to be pretty good. We were told to take various pictures of an object and then to make a variation of drawings of these pictures we took. Since I knew most people would be doing a some sort of toy, I decided to take something rather unusual, a glass water bottle. However, the bottle I choose was one of my favourite industrial designs on the market. So, one of my variations was hyperrealism, as I really love it. Also, as someone who wanted to be a designer, I made two technical drawings of the bottle, one from the side and one from the bottom. My fourth variation was with a marker in which I got inspired by Iain Macarthur. And my last variation was done with a coloured pencils. Even tough I had taken around 50 pictures, I ended up using only 3 of them, but at least now I have a cool photo album 😀

Variation 1:
Art Movement Inspiration: Hyperrealism

The Picture
The Drawing


Variation 2:
Artist Inspiration: Iain Macarthur

The Picture
Iain Macarthur’s Work