Maker Club Update

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Right now it is towards the end of our school year and we have made quite a lot of progress in our Maker Club. We now have a solid maker space, a working printer, lots of electronics including Raspberry Pi’s, Arduino’s and many more bits and pieces. However as I mentioned before we didn’t have a lot of money for the club, so thankfully the PTA (Parent Teacher Association) donated some money which helped us to afford all our electronics and tool. On top of this I took advantage from the whole fidget spinner craze and sold fidget spinners I made at home at school to donate money to our Maker Club. At the end of this, I was able to donate around 550 ₺ for purchase of electronics. Also, despite loosing most of our time in the Maker Club because of national holidays and other reasons, we were able to produce two working products, including a Nature Camera and an Obstacle avoidance Robot.