Phenakistoscope Fidget Spinner

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I have been messing around with these fidget spinners for a while now as I have made several design despite not uploading them anywhere, partly because there were a lot of them anyways and I hadn’t made anything spectacularly different. However every time I made one I thought of how I could make my spinners different. I tried spray painting, messing with different shapes and patters etc. But today I had the idea to turn one one of these to a phenakistoscope, as it seemed like a pretty good idea. So what I did was I just searched for a running man gif on Google, which I than separated using an online gif separator. The gif was 8 frames so I made 8 inserts on the main body of the spinner in size 1.5 by 1.5cm. I designed the files on Fusion 360 and you can download them for free here.

A render of the spinner.