Newton Disk Fidget Spinner

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Lately I made a phenakistoscope fidget spinner that displayed the image of a running man. Obviously when I made it I also started to think about other things I could do with this fidget spinner. The last topic we had learned in physics was light rays and dispersion. Dispersion is the simple principal that states that when a light ray hits a surface it will refract into different coloured light rays with different frequencies, red orange yellow green blue indigo and violet. So I had the idea to reverse this principal and create a white image from these seven colours.

My first prototype had the colours in the square areas and some grey parts in the middle (pictured below). But that way the colours didn’t mix properly and didn’t give the effect I wanted, which was for it to look white. So I eliminated the grey areas and increased the number of colour repeats. This time around it looked clear white in person and slightly greyish on camera. However I got the effect I wanted and it turned out to be quite successful. I will also upload the files to Thingiverse Education.

First Prototype
First Prototype’s Result
Final Product
Working Principal of the Spinner